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Hello Web

After countless stolen moments of mild torment, I have finally managed to cobble together this website. I initially tried to use several "ready-made" academic templates for static site generators like Hugo, but I found that I was lost the minute I wanted to make a tiny change. I was also concerned that I'd have no idea how to change things in the future, whenever I had to go back to update the website. Ultimately, I landed on using the Zola static site generator and HTML/CSS built from the ground up, with minimal advanced features.

This meant that I had to refresh my HTML/CSS skills from way back. With features like display: flex, web design is much less frustrating than it used to be in the distant past. At the same time, the need for making web sites work across a number of devices — and also be accessible at the same time — complicates the process. I'm a programmer and mathematician, not a designer, and so I'm sure to have inadvertently broken a number of design rules. I'd be happy to receive constructive feedback on the website!

I have a number of blog posts in mind, both short and long. Some topics are deeply mathematical, others are exclusively about programming, and some are a good mix or otherwise adjacent in nature. I hope I will find the time and energy to flesh them out. Stay tuned!

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